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Product description:
Welded aluminum honeycomb panel is a 100% welded material. Compared with glued aluminum honeycomb panel, it has much better performance in almost all specifications, especially in peel strength and high temperature resistance. It also has 30 years' service life.
With the continuous development of manufacturing processes and the development of materials, welded honeycomb panels have been used in more and more industries, such as national defense industry, aerospace, rail transit, ships, machinery, architectural decoration and so on.
Product details:
Specifications of Welded Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
ItemExperimental StandardWelded Aluminum Honeycomb    Panel
Bending strengthGB/T1453-2005155MPa
Compressive strengthGB/T1452-20055.09MPa
Tensile strengthGB/T1457-20058.29MPa
Peel strengthGB/T1457-2005231(N·mm)/mm
Fatigue resistanceLoad  0.3-3.6KN, frequency 10Hz, span 236mm, 3 million timesno damage
Sound insulation performanceISO10140-2;    201028dB
        lConductivityGB/T13475-20084.8W/(m2 · K)
Falling ball impact performanceAt  a distance of 2 meters above the sample, a steel ball with a diameter of 50 mm and a mass of 500 g is allowed to fall freely (2.5 mm floor cloth is attached to the surface of the sample), and the depth of the depression is measured after half an hour.Depth  less than 0.5mm
Fire  resistanceBS EN1363-1; 2012After  46 minutes of combustion, no cracks, collapses, breakages, flames, etc. were observed on the back surface of the sample. The sample remained intact.
Simulated  high-heeled shoes bearing strengthPlace  a force of 1000N on the 25mm2 area of the test piece and hold for 1 minute.There is no obvious indentation on the surface of the sample.
Salt  spray resistanceISO9227-1990168   hoursWelded Honeycomb Panel suppliers
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