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Product description:
The double side polyvinyl chloride foam Spacer Tape is mainly for sealing. An economical general purpose foam tape used in requiring positive seals on irregular surfaces or when flexibility and conform-ability to seal tight radius curves are critical considerations.Double sided PVC spacer tape offers good strength power,weather resistance power,cushioning, dampening,weatherproofing and sealing function. Adhesive will unwind from the specially treated top side of the foam which eliminates the need to have a separate liner to remove and recycle.It has good quality and best price.Customers’ requests are available.
Product detail pictures:
1.Automotive part and transportation
2.Building and construction;Industry
3.Spacer for two- and four- sided structural glazing systems
4.Commercial window and refrigeration glazing
5.Heating and ventilation duct systems
6.Vibration damping,Marine glazing,Die-cut gaskets,Store display case
7.Interior/exterior glazing sealant for metal, wood and vinyl sash systems
Why choose us?
1. 15 years manufacturing experience in adhesive tapes
2. Short lead time & 100% ensure the timely delivery
3. Good quality control with competitive price, ODM/OEM are available
4. Free samples are available most of the time
5. Well-trained & experienced staffs remain at your full disposal
6. Prompt reply & excellent after-sale service offered
7. TRADE ASSURANCE on alibaba to protect your payment & make sure on time delivery and quality
8. Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party
Product packing and delivery:
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 double side foam tape manufacturers
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